Let Arctic Inbound be your guide to exploring this extraordinary island, where every visit leaves a lasting impression.

North Greenland: An Arctic Wonderland

North Greenland, stretching along the western coastline, offers a world of Arctic tundra, massive glaciers, and age-old rock formations. This wild and untouched land is perfect for those looking to embark on Arctic expeditions into breathtaking beauty. Disko Bay is a standout for whale watching, with towns like Ilulissat and smaller communities such as Qeqertarsuaq and Qasigiannuit also waiting to be explored. Winter in North Greenland lights up with the Northern Lights, dog sledding adventures, and visits to the Eqi Glacier. Come summer, the sea buzzes with life, welcoming humpback whales and other species on their quest for food. Highlights like the Ilimanaq Lodge offer serene escapes where you can relax and watch whales from your cabin’s balcony.

South Greenland: A Hiker’s Paradise and a History Buff’s Dream

South Greenland is a treasure trove for those eager to set off on grand hikes, like the journey to the Kiattut Glacier or the Munkebugt valley in Qaqortoq. History enthusiasts can delve into Viking stories at the remains of Hvalsey church, guided by experts. Local culture shines at places like the Qajaq Brewery in Narsaq. The region’s changeable weather provides photographers with a palette of blue skies and dramatic clouds, ensuring your camera is always at the ready. South Greenland feels like a step away from modern life, offering all the comforts expected from a holiday in an overwhelmingly beautiful setting.

Why Greenland?

Greenland is a land of extremes, with a stark climate and landscapes that defy imagination. Despite being largely covered by ice, it offers adventurers breathtaking scenery and a chance to witness nature at its most raw. The blend of Danish and Inuit cultures creates a unique Greenlandic society, inviting visitors to experience its warmth and uniqueness, even if just for a while. Transportation by boat or flight adds to the adventure, making every journey an exploration.

Whether it’s relaxing under the midnight sun, watching icebergs glow pink, witnessing a glacier calve, or seeing the Northern Lights, Greenland promises experiences that are both unique and unforgettable. Let Arctic Inbound be your guide to exploring this extraordinary island, where every visit leaves a lasting impression.