Terms and Conditions 2024/2025


Arctic Inbound AB (“Arctic Inbound”) accepts bookings subject to the conditions below. These conditions apply only to tour arrangements booked by the agent (“Agent”) with Arctic Inbound and which Arctic Inbound agrees to make or provide as part of their contract with the Agent. All references to “tour”, “booking”, “contract” or “arrangements” in these booking conditions mean such tour arrangements unless clearly stated otherwise.

Booking conditions

All bookings, changes, alterations, and cancellations must be made in writing and are subject to availability. All rates are to be paid by the Agent in the currency that Arctic Inbound quotes the arrangements in, which is either Swedish Kroner (SEK) Euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) per person or per group and includes taxes and VAT. Arctic Inbound guarantees no changes in the prices of confirmed tours unless otherwise communicated during the booking process. A detailed list of all services included in the tour will be specified under each quotation provided by Arctic Inbound. Any extra expenses incurred by the client during the tour, for example, use of telephone, hotel mini-bars, etc. must be paid directly by the client to the hotel or other provider of such services, prior to departure. A booking will be deemed binding when the Agent’s confirmation email has been received. A booking will be accepted only when it has been confirmed by Arctic Inbound in writing.

Payment Conditions

A deposit invoice of 10% of the total cost of the arrangements will be sent to the Agent upon booking. The remainder will be due 42 days before travel. Deposit invoices are due on receipt. Remainder balance invoices are due within 21 days.

(A major exception to this rule is if the booking includes certain suppliers. In this case Arctic Inbound has the right to alter the payment terms accordingly)

Arctic Inbound reserves the right to amend these payment terms if necessary, Agent will be notified by email upon booking if these payment terms are amended.

For pre-booked group tour spaces, a non-refundable deposit is made to hold the rooms.

Amendments to confirmed reservations

Arctic Inbound reserves the right to charge an amendment fee if a confirmed tour is changed. This fee may apply to each time an amendment is made to the tour. The amendment fee can be up to 0.5% of the total cost of the booking and will be added to the final invoice that will be sent to the Agent according to the payment terms of the booking.

Refunds and unused services

Travel arrangements cancelled or amended by the Agent or client within 24 hours of departure or once travel has commenced will not qualify for any refunds, nor can services be substituted for alternative arrangements. Unused services are non-refundable.


All cancellations must be made in writing to [email protected].

Cancellations or amendments in case the client is travelling: [email protected].

The date of the cancellation shall be when Arctic Inbound receives it in writing.

Following receival of the booking confirmation from Arctic Inbound, Agent is liable for any non-refundable costs borne by Arctic Inbound in case of cancellation.

The following cancellation fees apply on FIT Tours and Group Tours

Over 42 days prior to departure – the 10% non refundable deposit payment will be retained (unless a larger non refundable deposit was charged, in this case the full deposit amount will be retained).

Between 41 – 0 days prior to departure – 100% of total payment will be invoiced and payable.

Day 1 is the day prior to the commencement of the arrangements.

In the event that a customer cancels part of their booking while travelling either with the Agent or with the provider of the cancelled item, including but not limited to an activity, arranged transfer, or accommodation, no refund will be due to the Agent.

Travel insurance

Arctic Inbound recommends their clients obtain comprehensive travel insurance.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that any insurance cover they have, provides adequate cover for their needs and for the duration of their stay. In all travel packages and activities that we offer, the client participates at own risk.

Cancellation by Arctic Inbound

Due to reasons of higher power and reasons beyond our control, Arctic Inbound reserves the right to partially or fully cancel the tour. Monies paid for cancelled services will be refunded. Arctic Inbound will not be liable for any further claims.

Liability by Arctic Inbound

It is incumbent on all clients to be aware that part of the destinations Arctic Inbound sells, are wilderness areas and that there are risks and hazards by the very nature of its environment and the activities that may be undertaken by clients.  Clients should take note of their own limitations and physical fitness before booking or undertaking any activities offered in our tours or packages and if necessary, seek their own independent medical advice.

Arctic Inbound can not be held responsible for loss of luggage, or other personal possessions, for personal injury, accident or illness. In the event of personal injury, accident or illness, Arctic Inbound cannot be required to make any refunds should the tour be partially or fully cancelled.

Some products include activities such as dog sledding, glacier walks, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and similar. In this relation, Arctic inbound’s performance is limited to the supply of activity providers, thus Arctic inbound shall not under any circumstances be held liable for injury, damage, loss or accident caused by participation in or in connection with such activities. The liability of the individual coach, taxi, shipping and other transport companies contracted by Arctic Inbound for the purpose of organising a tour, will be governed by applicable law and the terms set out by such transport company. 

Arctic Inbound has the obligation to choose all services carefully, and to prepare the tour in the best way possible. In the unlikely event that services are not fully carried out due to an error made by Arctic Inbound, we reserve the right to provide equivalent services in compensation. In this case, further damage claims will not be accepted. Subject to this settlement, in case a breach of contract is committed the direct liability of Arctic Inbound for immediate loss or injury to the client subsists, provided that the breach was not caused by Force Majeure or the behavior of the client or a tour participant, and that it is a question of the non-performance of a promised service or an alteration of services which has less value than the service agreed upon in the original agreement. The amount of this liability is restricted by the sum of the agreed cost of the tour.

Furthermore, the providers of the various services are personally liable to the client, in case the services are not being carried out in a satisfying way or to their full extent, contrary to the expectations.

In the event that a Product, or any part of it, cannot be delivered, due to a Force majeure event (as defined below) or any act or omission beyond Arctic inbound’s control, Arctic inbound cannot be held liable for any claims or damages of any kind.

1. floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or other extreme weather conditions, fire, sabotage, civil commotion, malicious damage, war, rebellion, pandemics, revolution, blockades, embargoes, government regulations, quarantine restrictions or interruption of power supply

2. delay or failure to obtain any permit, authorisation, approval or acknowledgement, despite proper and timely reasonable endeavours to obtain the same.

Provided that a Force Majeure event was beyond the reasonable direct or indirect control, and without the fault or negligence, of the client claiming Force Majeure and which directly resulted in that Party’s inability, notwithstanding all reasonable efforts, to perform its obligations in whole or in part. Any such event is referred to as “Force Majeure”. Force Majeure also covers situations in which Sub-Contractors or third parties with whom the Supplier cooperates are prevented from fulfilling its obligations due to a Force Majeure event.

Where either Party considers that any circumstances of Force Majeure have occurred which may affect the performance of its obligations it shall promptly notify the other party thereof. Upon the occurrence of any circumstances of Force Majeure, the parties shall endeavor to continue to perform their obligations under the Agreement so far as reasonably practicable.

Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, any claims against the Arctic Inbound must be brought within a reasonable time after the loss was discovered or should have been discovered. In normal cases, a reasonable time means fourteen (14) days. In the event Agent has not asserted a claim for compensation against Arctic Inbound within the prescribed time, the client’s right to assert the claim shall be forfeited.


By requesting that Arctic Inbound make bookings for a client, the Agent and therefore the client has accepted the general terms and conditions listed in this document, as part of the agreement between Arctic Inbound and the Agent.

Privacy policy

Arctic Inbound ask for personal information in the booking process. This information is necessary to ensure that Arctic Inbound are able to make and confirm the booking. This information will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be shared with any other outside parties except for necessary information given to Arctic Inbound’s suppliers involved in the booking.

The personal information will not be sold or shared. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

The Agent’s obligations:

The Agent will accurately inform Arctic Inbound with client details as required in the booking process.

The Agent will accurately inform the client of the details of the arrangements received in the final itinerary, including but not limited to: activities, meeting times and locations, appropriate clothing and any special requirements for their tour.


Swedish law will be applicable with respect to conflicts that may arise as a result of this agreement.

Amendments to terms and conditions

Arctic Inbound reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions when appropriate.


Activity providers: Please make sure your client is aware that not all activities and transfers are booked through the accommodation provider and so sometimes accommodation staff may have no knowledge of the booking. Please provide your client with all relevant details regarding pick up times and contact details provided to you on through the final itinerary. Failure to provide the correct information to the client may lead to missed activities.

Pick ups: Please make sure your clients are told to meet their activity providers in the reception area of the hotels, unless stated otherwise. They should be waiting at least 10 minutes before the stated time of departure. The provider will either arrive with a sign with the client name OR the name of the provider so please make sure the client is aware to look for this. Please make sure the client is told to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for their activities. Late Pick ups: *On rare occasions providers may run a little late for pick ups. Please advise the clients to talk to the reception of their hotel if they are unsure or contact Arctic inbound’s frontdesk service.

Snowmobiling: The snowmobiles in our packages are insured, but if a snowmobile you are driving is damaged, there is a self-risk/excess fee of up to 10 000 SEK including VAT which will be required to be paid on site. To drive a snowmobile, a valid driver’s licence (A class Car driving license required, alternatively an ”EU-card”) is required and client is expected to arrive alcohol free at the time of the activity.

Arctic Inbound’s frontdesk service for Agent and client

When the client is travelling, there may be times when they or you (Agent) need to contact Arctic Inbound. To make sure someone is always there to help and answer as quickly as possible we have set up a front desk service which runs until 21:00 Swedish time. The information on how to use this service will be detailed on the clients final itinerary but for your convenience can also be found below:

Should clients have any questions while they are away, then our partners and the Arctic Inbound team are here to help. To get you the quickest answer to your questions we suggest the following steps:

FINAL ITINERARY: Many questions regarding pick up times and locations can be found on the final itinerary which should have been passed on to the client in addition to contact details for our partners who are providing their experiences. Contacting our partners directly is often the quickest way to answer a question specific to an activity or transfer.

EMAIL: You can email Arctic Inbound at [email protected] and one of our team will answer your question as soon as possible.

MESSAGE SERVICE TELEPHONE: Our Front Desk telephone line is available until 21:00 Central European Time. We request you leave a message with the client name and details of the query so that the front desk team can find all the necessary information before they return the call, which they will do as soon as possible.


Number for urgent issues relating to the client’s holiday while travelling. +46 200430710


Please note that in the event of an emergency you will need to call the necessary emergency services directly – numbers of which can be obtained from your activity providers or from your accommodation.

Our front desk service is really effective and we encourage Agent and client to use this service. Please note this service only comes into effect once the client’s trip has commenced.

Before this point, please speak to the Arctic specialist.