Discover sustainable travel with Arctic Inbound. Embrace greener journeys by opting for eco-friendly transport, staying in eco-conscious accommodations, respecting local cultures, buying locally made souvenirs, and minimising waste. Experience luxury-focused travel while preserving the planet for future generations.

We all love to travel and explore the wonders that our beautiful planet offers. However, it’s no secret that our love for travel can sometimes put a strain on the environment. At Arctic Inbound, we are firm believers in sustainable travel – journeys that not only inspire and delight but also preserve and respect the destinations we visit. In this blog post, we will share strategies for embarking on a greener journey.

Sustainable travel, also known as ecotourism, is an approach to travel that prioritises environmental conservation, respects local cultures, and supports the well-being of local communities. When you choose sustainable travel, you are taking an active role in maintaining the balance between the thrill of exploration and the preservation of the destinations you love.

  • Opt for Eco-Friendly Transport: One of the best ways to minimise your carbon footprint is to use public transportation, walk, or cycle whenever possible. At Arctic Inbound, we carefully plan itineraries that utilise local, eco-friendly modes of transport to help reduce our clients’ environmental impact. Where possible, we can suggest a cross-border train journey rather than flying, to allow you a slower, more scenic and eco-conscious way of travel.
  • Stay in Eco-Conscious Accommodations: Another key factor in sustainable travel is choosing accommodations that prioritise environmental responsibility. We work with hand-selected suppliers who demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, from water conservation to renewable energy sources.
  • Respect Local Cultures and Ecosystems: Sustainable travel is not just about the environment; it’s about the people and the communities, too. We encourage our clients to engage with local communities in a respectful manner, observing traditions and norms. Additionally, when visiting natural sites, we remind travellers to minimise their impact, for instance, by sticking to marked trails and not disturbing wildlife.
  • Choose Locally Made Souvenirs: Purchasing locally made souvenirs supports local economies and reduces the carbon footprint associated with the transport of goods. Plus, they often make for more unique and meaningful keepsakes.
  • Minimise Waste: Practise ‘Leave No Trace’ principles during your travels. Dispose of waste properly by using designated bins or carrying your waste until you can do so. Consider digital tickets, maps, and guides to reduce paper waste. The smallest efforts can make a significant difference in reducing your travel footprint.

At Arctic Inbound, we are committed to incorporating sustainability into our luxury-focused travel experiences. We are continually developing ways to decrease our impact while increasing the richness of our offerings. From partnering with eco-conscious suppliers to designing itineraries that respect the local ecosystems and cultures, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the destinations we love and serve.

By choosing Arctic Inbound for your Nordic journey, you are not just getting a unique, luxury-focused experience; you are also actively participating in a sustainable, greener future for travel. So, let’s continue to enjoy the marvels of the world in a responsible and sustainable way. It’s not just about seeing beautiful places; it’s about preserving them for generations to come!