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Aurora Safari Camp & The Outpost winter family holiday

Aurora Safari Camp is the first glamp-site in the world of its kind created for arctic winter conditions.
Founded 2013 by Photographer Fredrik Broman. It is positioned next to a large frozen lake, that is a part of Råne River. Aurora Safari Camp is the perfect get-together place for friends, families or colleagues. The ultimate glamping hide-out in the endless forests of Swedish Lapland. Råne River is the longest free flowing forest river in Sweden that has no hydropower or dams. The river valley has thousands of lakes of various sizes the and a lot of small side-rivers, and when staying at the camp you will learn and get an idea of this extremely non-densely populated area that forms the heart of Swedish Lapland. A great experience is the sauna. It’s on a raft that in wintertime is freezed into the icecap of the lake. A great place to spend the evening. We set it up in a nice way with local delicacy’s and beverages. There is also chances to take a dip in a hole in the ice when you have warmed up in the sauna. This is also the best place to monitor if the northern lights come on.

Complementary at ASC
The sauna on the lake.
Fat bikes. Snow mountain-bikes ideal to cruise the winter tracks around the camp with.
Kick sleds. The classic self-transportation here in the north since hundreds of years.
Snowshoes. Extends the area of your feet and makes you go more on top of the snow. Ideal to explore the forest and the nearby islands with these on.
Nordic skis. Try to go on tracks and off track.

The Outpost lodge is the former grocery store of the small village of Mårdsel that we have renovated. Just beneath the Arctic Circle in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Råne River wraps the village nicely. It’s roughly 1.5h from Luleå Airport. From here we have access to enormous areas of wilderness and we love to do snowmobile trips crossing the arctic circle. The terrain is very special and it’s one of the best places in the world for snowmobiling. Miles of frozen wetlands and extremely snow safe. One of the best areas for snowmobiling in the world. It’s also a great place just to relax and take in the arctic quiet atmosphere. In the village and wilderness around it’s great to walk around on snowshoes, try Nordic skis and kick sleds to explore. Enjoy the very special experience to be embedded in a tiny arctic village (just 6 people lives here, we might even bump into one or two of them) and good cooking and hosting. The 102 sqm suite on 1 st floor with 3 bedrooms that can be set as double, twin. There is also 2 extra beds and a sofa that can be turned into a bed. A total of 9 beds. Newly renovated bathroom and a kitchen. The lounge has a fireplace, a bar, vinyl player with a nice vintage collection of records, a hifi speaker, music instruments (Guitar, Banjo) and a large flat screen TV (stream from your Netflix, HBO, etc.) boardgames, cards etc. In the basement we have a nice sauna and relax, plus a very structured changing room with direct entrance into it from the outdoors. Nice with floor heating when you change back from winter gear after your adventures outdoors.

Complementary at TO
Snowshoes, Nordic skies, kicksleds, sauna

Accompanied pictures  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZMMCp7nrSGCVowf0BjnvSmvpJn7yJzDI?usp=sharing

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