With Arctic Inbound, you can discover all that Sweden has to offer. From city breaks to wilderness escapades.

Stockholm: Where City Meets Nature

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is built across 14 islands, and stands as one of the globe’s most picturesque capitals. It’s a beautiful mix of old buildings, green parks, and new skyscrapers. The city is known for its many islands and nature spots, but also for its design, culture, and tasty food. From visiting old churches and museums to trying food from street markets and fancy restaurants, there’s plenty to experience in Stockholm.

Swedish Lapland: A Place of Adventure

Head up north to Swedish Lapland, known for its stunning nature and unique hotels like the ICEHOTEL. It’s a place where your clients can witness the Northern Lights and explore the outdoors. In summer, the sun doesn’t set, allowing your clients time to enjoy nature day and night. It’s the perfect spot for seeing beautiful sights and learning about the local Sami culture.

West Sweden: Full of Beauty and Design

Explore West Sweden, where the cities and landscapes of Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland, and Gothenburg unite. Your clients will find everything from cobblestone streets and old buildings to modern design. The region is known for its unique places to stay, like treehouses and floating hotels. The region’s cuisine, grounded in fresh and natural ingredients, promises a tantalising exploration of taste.

Southern Sweden: Loved by Many

Southern Sweden beckons with its scenic beauty, historical depth, and design excellence. Islands like Öland and Gotland are rich with history, natural wonders, and local culture. Malmö merges historical charm with a forward-looking vibe, standing out as a culinary pioneer within Sweden. This region, beloved by Swedes and visitors alike, offers breathtaking views, nature access, and the essence of Swedish heritage.

Why Visit Sweden?

Sweden has something for everyone. Whether it’s seeking the Northern Lights, enjoying a couple’s retreat, family holiday, or embarking on group tours, Sweden offers diverse attractions to cater to every taste and interest.

With Arctic Inbound, you can discover all that Sweden has to offer. From city breaks filled with history and culture to wilderness escapades in the north, serene moments in West Sweden, and cultural richness in the south, Sweden is a destination that promises memories to last a lifetime.