Longyearbyen is a small coal-mining town in Svalbard’s archipelago. A pretty town with colourful houses you’d think due to it’s position that it would feel remote and uncivilised however this town boasts several upmarket hotels, restaurants and plenty of activities to experience. In the summer you can do daytime dog sledding – something that isn’t possible elsewhere in the world due to the temperature – or go on a rib boat trip to the bird cliffs or head out into the fjords and go Arctic cod fishing. In the winter, hunt the Northern Lights even in the morning during the Polar Night. Whilst the king of the Arctic – the polar bear – rarely ventures into the town itself; it is possible to spot them around the archipelago in their natural habitat especially during the summer months due to their white coats standing out against the rugged terrain.

Other Unique Properties

There are several unique properties outside of Longyearbyen on Svalbard which have to be seen to be believed. The beautiful Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is an old outpost on the archipelago with no road connection so the only way to reach it is by dog sledding or snowmobiling in the winter or by boat in the summer. Renovated to be a comfortable hotel which hides a secret; one of the most incredible restaurants in the Northern Hemisphere where your chefs create truly spectacular fine dining experiences. Another hidden gem is Nordenskiold Lodge which offers a unique opportunity to stay right next door to a glacier, listening to it crack and roar and be amongst Arctic nature. Juva cabin is another highlight of the region; a cosy cabin accessed only in the wintertime by snowmobile or dog sled with an incredible round sauna with views across the untouched wilderness. One thing is for sure; a stay outside of Longyearbyen will feel like a true adventure!

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