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North Greenland

Northern Greenland, which actually sits along the western coastline, is a vast Arctic Tundra with huge glaciers and full of ice and ancient rock formations. Perfect for Arctic expeditions the area is wild, untamed and breathtakingly beautiful. The area of Disko Bay is a highlight with towns such as Ilulissat and smaller settlement villages such as a Qeqertarsuaq and Qasigiannuit to explore. During the winter time, Northern Greenland offers Northern lights opportunities, dog sledding and visits to the Eqi Glacier whereas in the summer the seas are teeming with life and humpback whales and other species fill the waters on their search for food. Ilimanaq Lodge is a real highlight in the summer months – accessible by boat with beautiful cabins perched on the cliff tops and a delightful restaurant you can sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee on the balcony as the whales swim by below. This is truly a destination that will capture anyone’s heart.

South Greenland

Southern Greenland offers so much to see and do for clients who enjoy heading out on some magnificent hikes such as walking to the Kiattut Glacier or Munkebugt valley in Qaqortoq. For those wanting to discover the fascinating Viking history of the island they can travel to see the remains of Hvalsey church, once a Norse church, and learn about the history from a knowledgable guide or if local flavour is high on the list how about visiting the Qajaq Brewery in Narsaq. The weather in this region is changeable but if photography is a favourite hobby then you will be blessed with blue skies or dark moody clouds making it hard for you to put your camera down. Greenland offers the chance to feel like you are somewhere far away from modern civilisation with all the comforts you still expect on a holiday. Immerse yourselves in Southern Greenland and it will be very difficult to leave!

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