The unique and exotic destination of Greenland is very special. The world’s largest island has an extremely harsh climate with 80% of it covered in an ice cap but offers the adventurer a wonderful combination of magnificent scenery and raw nature. With virtually no roads transport is usually by boat or flight which is another unique feature. The combination of Danish and Inuit culture has created a special Greenlandic society that is great to be a part of even if for only a short time. On a trip to Greenland it is important to take the time to relax, soak up the beauty of the icebergs bathed in the pink glow of the midnight sun, marvel a calving glacier or experience the Aurora Borealis.

Perfect for:

  • Unique trips
  • Once-in-a-lifetimes experiences
  • Couples holidays
  • Small group tours
  • Study visits
  • Incentives
  • Nature tours and photography tours