Helsinki is a capital city with activities and experiences in abundance. Within 30 minutes from the airport, clients can be immersed straight into the bustling seaside centre with it’s many islands and green parks. If forests, lakes and coastline isn’t your clients thing then they can absorb all the design, architecture and culture that is all around too. The Lutheran Cathedral and the Uspenski Cathedral are two famous and awe-inspiring churches that break the city skyline and there are a huge array of fascinating museums and art galleries to visit. Helsinki is not short on amazing restaurants and bars either; with everything from market street food to luxury cocktail bars and Michelin dining.

Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland is well known for being the home of all things winter wonderland. The capital of the region is the small city of Rovaniemi which is home to one of the most iconic figures in the world – Santa Claus – which makes this an incredibly popular destination at Christmastime. During the winter you will find the forests thick with snow and perfect for Northern Lights watching and winter activities such as dogsledding.

In the Summer the midnight sun allows for nature based trips including lake and river fishing, kayaking, hiking and cycling throughout the country.  The large tourist destinations of Levi, Rovaniemi and the surrounds offer lively Arctic experiences for a variety of tours, events and meetings making this a truly perfect year-round destination.

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