Working with the team at Arctic Inbound

We are based in the village of Sörbyn in Swedish Lapland only one hour from the Luleå airport. Here we have renovated an old village house into our offices and base. We are often working remote as we like to spend time with our local suppliers to be sure we have the latest information and opportunities. We are however very accessible and will respond to enquiries quickly and will work long hours to meet your needs.

We create experiences across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard and we focus on tailor made itineraries for our valued partners. We also sell city stops such as Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo etc to make stopovers on the way to the Arctic easy for your clients.

Our travel experiences are tailor-made to the client requests and we offer medium to high end tailor-made travel created around the individuals interests like specific requests, family setup, time of year etc..

Everything we offer/sell is a complete program. Separation of pricing goes against our valued contracts and relationships with our local partners/suppliers meaning that the specific rates and commissions are confidential.

We work with our partners in the following manner

1: Send an enquiry to AI (Arctic Inbound) who will work on the entire program using our expert knowledge of the area, our allotments, availability knowledge etc. For us to do this we would like to receive the following information:

  • Name of the client (preferably included in the title of email enquiry)
  • Number of guests travelling and setup of the group (+ age of any children)
  • Dates of travel or approximate dates of travel (if you have draft flight options this also helps!)
  • Level of accommodation, type of activities (private or non private), do they want private transfers etc
  • Budget level (if they tell you or your feeling on this). This is so we can tailor an appropriate package. With small tweaks we can often fit into different budget levels. *

*Budget level is an important item for us. As everything is tailor made, a lot of work goes into our offers and making sure this fits the budget from the beginning, saves us and yourself a lot of time and effort.


  • Any special requirements – disabilities, special interests etc. I.e. is it for a special occasion, do they have a dietary preference very specific dietary need?
  • If they have already looked at a certain accommodation/activity (or you as an agent have an idea of what you would like to offer the client)
  • Information about the clients likes and dislikes when travelling

2. Once we have all the information, AI can work on the specific program aimed at your client individually. This will be based on current availability and we will always let you know if we are able to hold the rooms and for how long, the payment & cancellation/postponement plan, any specific details, send specific images to share etc. The price will be in EURO, SEK or USD (your choice) and is a NET price. You can add your margin and we do not specify or advise how much this should be. Each programme is tailored to the agent and client and some of our products are exclusive to us and even designed for the client so the commission you add is up to you depending on what extra you add.

3. Once you have the quote, you are open to sending these in your own way. At this point we can go back and forth until the quote suits you and the client as far as we can. I.e. often agents come back and say they really like it BUT can we upgrade the accommodation or they don’t want to go dogsledding or they must see Santa etc and we then adapt until we get it right. Please note that we sometimes include optional add ons and prices but we offer entire packages and we do not separate out our prices.

4. Hopefully at this point your client wishes to book! In which case we will send you a booking form to sign and a deposit invoice according to the payment plan. Once we receive the deposit or proof of payment, we start our booking process. We then create an initial confirmation with all items booked. This booking will then undergo several checks from our team, after which we will send the updated and final itinerary a few weeks before travel. This will include accommodation details, activity details, transfer details etc. This will also include timings and contact numbers.

Whilst the client is travelling we have a Front Desk service which you or the client can contact. This is manned from 8am – 9pm to help with any issues. It is recommended however that clients discuss any small issues with suppliers first, using the contact details supplied, and only come you you and/or us, for important feedback, issues or proposed changes to the program.