Arctic Inbound Covid 19 Policy (Updated July 2020)

  1.     Operational and Staff Procedures

The health and safety of our staff and clients are of paramount importance to us at Arctic Inbound AB. As such working within government guidelines regarding Covid 19 is our highest priority. To ensure the health and safety of staff, partners and clients we will:

  • Implement a stay-home policy for anyone displaying any symptoms as per World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines however minor the symptoms.
  • Use technology to make sure staff are free to work at home as much as they like.
  • Implement physical distance in the office layout and limit the number of visitors to the office. If visits are unavoidable then the office will be cleaned after each visit and visitors must adhere to national guidelines such as physical distance, extra hand washing and staying away if they show any symptoms.
  • Limit physical visits to suppliers and if they are necessary staff will be reminded to stick to the health and safety advice from the public health authority (increased handwashing, antibacterial hand sanitizer, physical distance etc.)
  • Communicate our policies and expectations with our partners which include restaurants, hotels, guides, activity and transport partners. They are expected to follow like minded health and hygiene protocols and guidelines to protect common guests as required by local legislation.
  • Introduce a COVID-19 contingency plan should new cases emerge in collaboration with suppliers and partners

2.     Delivering a safe experience

To deliver a safe experience for our staff and guests we are working to do the following:

  • Work with key suppliers to understand what additional measures have been introduced within their products.
  • Implement or confirm with suppliers processes focused on enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices.
  • Establish with transport, accommodation, activity and tour partners that they have like minded processes for sanitation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices and that they are following local and national standards from public health authorities and government.
  • Established that partner restaurants have like minded processes for sanitation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices as well as food safety and hygiene practices aligned with local and national regulations.
  • Implement customer processes. Finalised itineraries will include a paragraph to suggest agents remind their clients to visit the government website of the destination country to familiarise themselves with the national recommendations and regulations before travel.

3.     Rebuilding trust and confidence

Arctic Inbound AB will aim to help rebuild trust and confidence in travel by:

  • Providing clear, consistent and up-to-date communication to the agent on new health & hygiene protocols via the organisation’s channels, both digitally and verbally where appropriate to the best of our abilities. As this is an ever-changing situation we cannot guarantee to always update agents when new restrictions occur but we will aim to provide as much useful information as possible as regularly as possible.
  • Working with suppliers to implement appropriate health and safety protocols and recommendations based on our knowledge of the desires of the agents and their clients as well as local and national regulations.
  • Remind agents to discuss local recommendations based on advice from health authorities which may include the wearing of face masks or coverings, guidance on hand hygiene and avoiding physical contact.
  • Inform agents about support available if questions or concerns arise. Front Desk Service or contact with the sales team directly.

4.     Implement Enabling Policies

As tourism begins to return Arctic Inbound AB will work hard with local authorities and government bodies to enable and encourage safe travel to our regions. To do this we will: 

  • Work collaboratively with industry and other governmental bodies in our destinations as new rules are developed.
  • Create packages and new products and provide direct support to boost travel and tourism to our destinations.
  • Enhance destination promotion through our social media channels and newsletters to boost demand both domestically and internationally.