About us

Arctic Inbound is proud to be a high-end, luxury-focused destination management company (DMC) working closely with hand-selected suppliers known personally to us in the Nordic regions, allowing us to work with agents from all around the world to create memorable and exciting itineraries for their clients. We live and breathe the Nordic lifestyle – many of the team hail from (or currently live in) various destinations that we sell and this is what makes us passionate about what we do and create along the way.

Each member of our team has their own experience in different tourism and hospitality backgrounds, both locally and internationally, and we have all lived in various parts of the world and speak a multitude of languages. We all have one thing in common however; we are truly connected to the destinations we sell, have developed a deep appreciation for their communities, culture and nature and feel privileged to be able to share this with your clients. This is why we are the perfect solution for you to support and guide you towards creating unforgettable itineraries for your clients that are as personal and unique as each enquiry you get.

What we offer

Arctic Inbound specialises in creating memorable year-round itineraries throughout the Nordic region for agents in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard. We can design any number of trips including the following;

  • Bespoke FIT itineraries for individuals, families & small groups
  • Events and special interest tours
  • Incentives/meetings/conferences/team buildings
  • Website planning/images and example packages

Anything is possible. Please get in touch if you have a special request not listed above and we will be happy to help!

Our team

The team here at Arctic Inbound has an unmatched level of experience in all things travel, hospitality, customer service and luxury experiences. Each individual member of the team, no matter whether they are a director helping to lead and shape the company, a destination sales specialist sourcing new and exciting products and creating amazing itineraries for clients or part of the inner workings of the administration team to facilitate a smooth booking process; is invaluable. Collectively, they have over 75 years experience and knowledge of the travel industry in a variety of different roles, both customer facing and behind the scenes, and can assist with agents fluently speaking English, Swedish, Dutch and Flemish.

Throughout the years, the team at Arctic Inbound has built an established and well-connected high-end supplier base with whom they are in regular communication with to bring clients the very best service. Activities are hand-selected for their authenticity, accommodations are unique and offer the highest level of comfort and all other aspects such as transfers and dining are considered and of the best quality. Couple this attention to detail with the intricate knowledge of the phenomenally beautiful Nordic region and you will soon be reassured that Arctic Inbound is your best choice when looking for a Nordic DMC to tailor a personalised itinerary for your clients.


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