Arctic Circle

Arctic Inbound specialises in destinations in or near the Arctic Circle. This includes Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland, North Norway, Iceland and Greenland. However, if your clients would like longer tours that include other parts of Scandinavia such as the capital cities or even other parts of Europe then we may be able to help.

<b>Arctic Circle</b>

Our Destinations

The destinations we offer are unique in their own way but of course share the exciting features of all Arctic regions. From the long summer days where you can expect 24 hours of light as the midnight sun illuminates the beautiful nature to snow-covered winter silence where the daylight is replaced by the darkness heralding the start of the Northern Lights season and winter activities. Pristine wilderness dotted with small and colourful villages and vibrant cities with people and places full of history, culture and stories our Arctic destinations offer something for everyone. Read on to learn a little about each of the uniqueness of each country.

<b>Our Destinations</b>

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